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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Simplicity 8529 by Sew House Seven

I love how Simplicity is supporting Indy pattern makers.  Here's an example of that kind of support.  This design is by Sew House Seven and while it isn't named the toaster sweater, I do believe that is the pattern it's based from. 

Image result for images simplicity 8529

There is something that makes a sweatshirt dressier when you leave off the bottom band...right? 

Yes, I know, more indoor photos but it is so very cold outside today I just couldn't bring myself to go out there any more than I had to.

I used a heavily textured sweatshirt fabric from my stash.  Not sure where I got it but I am glad I finally used it up.  The gray trim is also from my stash and the color combo is perfect.

This is such an easy, instant gratification project.  

I lengthened the top by an inch, made a size smaller than my measurements called for, and made the side slit shorter by about 2 inches.

I also used SewkeyeE stay tape for the hem and side slits.  

Be aware at how roomy this is.  I wouldn't want it any bigger.  

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Some animal print Georgies!

Yep, you've read the title correctly, this is another animal-print Georgie Stretch Jean from Style Arc.  I so love this pattern and there is no way I am finished with it yet.  :) 

In case you need a refresher on what the pattern looks like, here you are!  Georgie Stretch Woven Jean Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Pull on woven stretch pant with wide waistband and the perfect leg shape.

This 'jean' has everything you could possibly want.  Jean styling but the comfort of a legging.  Need I say more! 

This time I made this in a super fun, animal printed ponte knit.

Here you can see the texture this fabric provides.  Isn't is fun? 

Oh, I digress for a minute, but those shoes are killer, right?  Here you can see more of the print and texture of the fabric.  I just love it.  To compensate for the knit versus stretch woven, I measured the stretch of each and found there were comparable so I made my usual size.  After wearing these all day, the usual size was the right decision.  I love it when that happens.  

My only alteration to this pattern was to add an inch to the length so I can wear some of the heels I have.

Thanks for reading and I so love your comments!  Do you have any pattern you use over and over again?  If so, I'd love to hear about it!


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Vogue 8825

So....ever have a pattern for years, yes I mean years, sew it up because there are so many positive reviews and then feel slightly deflated when you were done?  Welp, that was me with this dress.  It isn't that I don't like it, I do but I am underwhelmed...

This pattern has been around for a while--it is copyrighted 2012.  Many reviewers have had success with it.  And, lets just say that if you have a slim body, it will look great!

See where the bodice ends on me compared to the pattern cover?  For reference, I am 5'7".  Typically I do not alter patterns in the bodice length, except for when I make a FBA.

This dress is described as a pullover dress/tunic has front extending into the back collar, fitted, front pleated bodice, raised waist, tie ends, two-piece sleeves with barrel cuffs and stitched hem.  

So yes, the waist is raised, but with mine, I felt like with the belt, it wasn't hitting me in the right place.  So, I took it off.  I probably could have messed with the placement of it, but since I didn't have enough of the main fabric anyway, I had to make it in a black for contrast.  It just didn't do it for me.

There is a center back seam and while you may be tempted to cut this on the fold and loose that seam, I would caution you against it.  There is some nice shaping there.

I really love this fabric--it is from Stof.  It is 95 or so percent cotton and the rest is lycra.  It sews, wears, washes, and dries like a dream!

The length of this dress is just perfect for boots and such.  And that cross over bodice--it stays in place because I stitched it close with a very narrow zig-zag.  This bodice is very, very well designed. and the two piece shoulders are great as well.

Here is a shot of the barrel cuffs.  The are nice and long and support the weight and volume of the gathered sleeve.

If you look closely, you can see the stitch I use for my hems.  It is a stretch stitch on my Bernina.  I like this so much better than my coverstitch.  I really should sell that thing!  

Saturday, February 3, 2018

StyleArc reprise! Cleo #2

Do you have any patterns that you so love you make them numerous times and wonder why it took you so long to make it again?  For me, this is a pattern like that.  I've made it four times already but have only blogged it once.  Why oh why?  If you've never seen the Cleo, here is a link!  https://www.stylearc.com/shop/sewing-patterns/cleo-knit-dress/#

Well, here is another version of this dress that has me just loving this pattern. In fact, I've loved this dress so much that I truly feel like a million bucks wearing it.  I was a tad bit worried when I cut this out as the print is so big and it feels a bit tropical, but honestly, I really love it when I wear it and I get compliments.  What isn't to love? 

This fabric is from Fabric dot com.  It is a Telio knit.  I simply love Telio knits.  They feel marvelous on your skin, wash beautifully, and wear terrifically...is that a word? 

For this pattern, I kept my standard adjustments of an FBA, swayback, and sloping shoulder adjustment. 

I didn't take in the front and back waist darts in this dress as I like it body skimming not fitted, if that makes sense.  You can see below the other simple modification I made.  Instead of the sewn down the center V-neck band, I made an overlapping neck band.  I like this much better than how the pattern is designed. 

I plan on making this dress many more times.  I simply feel like a million bucks in it! 

 Here you can see the stretch stitch I used for the hemline.  I used this at the sleeve hems as well. 

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

A new coat! Butterick 6423

This coat pattern is getting a lot of attention....look at how cute it is!  This is Butterick 6423

I love everything about it.  Here is the description from the back of the pattern envelope: Very loose-fitting lined coat has front shaped princess seam with pocket, curved gusset under arm, lower back seam with pleat.

I choose to highlight some of the design elements, especially the shaped front seam that extends into a pocket!  How clever!  Actually, that is my favorite detail....

I used a heavy wool coating I've had in my stash for quite some time, years actually!  This past Christmas, my two beautiful daughters challenged me to actually sew from my stash--now that's a novel concept, huh?  We agreed to not purchase a single thing in order to complete this challenge--which lasts the entire month of January.  While I am happy with many of the makes I've made, I know to make a dent in my stash, I have to extend this...at least until March!  Do you think I might have a bit of a problem?  I am however very happy that I finally sewed up this fabric.  And, I made a very colorful lining with a floral 100% silk that I've also had for several years.  I think this coat is a match made in heaven for fabrics!  

Construction of this coat is straight forward.  My only deviation from the instructions was when I inserted the leather piping I used...yes, this was also from my stash!  I decided to sew together the piping, insert the piping on the princess seam, and then proceed with the directions.  If I was a brand newbie, I would wait before trying this coat, despite the 'easy' rating.  There is a lining to insert, inseam pockets, lots of hand sewing, etc.  Make sure you have a bit of experience before you try this pattern.  It isn't difficult, but it does require a bit of precision and there are a lot of steps.

Fitting this coat is a bit of a challenge, and I could have done better...I may end up taking it apart a bit...or I may end up just enjoying the easy fit.

I made a sloping shoulder adjustment along with a swayback adjustment and that's it.  I looked at the finished measurements for the bust area and decided it should fit fine and it does.  

With this big old collar, I highly recommend under-stitching it all the way around until you get to where the collar roll stops.  Since my wool is so very heavy, I decided to topstitch 3/8" from the edge. 

This was a fun coat to make, and I received some nice compliments today about it.  Isn't it great when someone comments on your me-made makes?  

Thanks for reading!
I love your comments....
Happy sewing!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Another Nina Cardigan!

I love this cardigan.  It is a bit different yet it fits really nicely in the torso.  The waterfall neck edge isn't too much or too little...it is just exaggerated enough... make sense?  

Do you have any patterns that you adore the shape of?  This is one of mine yet if your search my makes of it, this is only the second.  I need to get working on this!  I pull it out over and over again yet put it back...it isn't that it is out of sight, out of mind...it's on my mind!  I just need to commit to it more often!  

Nina Cardigan Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Fabulous waterfall front cardigan

I made this from a beautiful sweater knit I purchased from Emma One Sock.  Even though it is wool, it is soft, cozy, and very comfortable.  Plus, it sewed like a dream...how is that for a glowing endorsement?  

This is so easy to put together.  It is well-drafted as every StyleArc pattern I've made is.  Honestly, if you had zero distractions you could put this together in less than two hours.  Especially if you overlocked the edges at the hemlines like the pattern suggests. 

 I decided to use SewEyekeys 1/2" knit staytape on the hemlines, turned the edges and used a stretch stitch on the hemlines.  I'd show you but they are almost impossible to see with a matching thread and a somewhat marbled fabric.  

I love this pattern, I love the fabric, and I love it how it turned out.  I will wear this with the coordinating dress fabric and with other garments in my closet.  

Thanks for reading!!!!

Simplicity 1537 am amazing fit dress :)

I am working on sewing up my precious fabrics from my stash.  Actually, I am working on sewing up any of the fabrics from my stash...it is out of control and I am trying to get it under control.  Do any of you have my problem?  Both of my daughters shamed me at Christmas time--and it was well deserved...my once very nice sewing room is a disaster.  I needed a challenge and I needed it now.  No more fabric, notion, or pattern purchases for the month of January.  I have actually extended this deadline to the end of February and perhaps March....we'll see....I am enjoying the challenge as I am somewhat competitive by nature!

So onto why you are here!  This lovely fabric is a wool from Emma One Sock purchase.  And, I've had it for at least a year....Why, Why, WHY!!!! did I wait so....long....to sew it up!!!

I used a pattern that has been in my stash for quite some time as I wanted a classic look for this dress.  I also chose this pattern to match the fabric just to hope for a perfect match.  Here is the pattern I used: 

 Image result for images Simplicity 1537

What I love about these amazing fit patterns is that they have separate cup sizes.  They also let you determine if you are a slim, average, or curvy fit and let you cut the bottom half appropriately.  You can truly get an amazing fit if you take the time to fit the pattern.  :)  

I really like the styling of this with the dropped waistline, and the variety of sleeve and hemline lengths.  At first, I made the length of version B with the sleeve length of C.  I looked matronly.  I immediately took the sleeves off and sewed the short sleeves.  Thank goodness I had enough fabric to do this!  

I opted not to line it as it fit and hung beautifully, if it is okay to say so.  This is a wool from Emma One Sock.  Did I already mention that?  This sews up beautifully and when I have my stash to a reasonable level then I am totally going to purchase more of this in other colors!  

I hand-hemmed the sleeves and lower edges.  I inserted an invisible zipper.  Other than that, my modifications were using the c-cup and average waist and hip line.  I also made a sloping shoulder adjustment.  That's it!  

I love this pattern and plan on using it again!  

Thanks for reading!