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Friday, January 19, 2018

Sewing some separates!

For this month's Fabric Mart post, I knew I wanted to use this gorgeous cobalt and black viscose and mohair woven to make something.... the question was what to do!  It is too cold where I live to make a dress that doesn't need some sort of jacket, sweater, etc., so I also ordered this beautiful super wash wool jersey in deep black because in the Northern Plains, you need layers people!  Layers! 

Sorry about the indoor photos.  Like most of the nation, when I took these photos, we were in a deep freeze and the air temp just barely made it above zero degrees Fahrenheit.  I love and appreciate the quality of outdoor photos but I have standards, that is not freezing!    

That fun purple print is a sweater knit from my stash that I also purchased from FM quite some time ago.  The colors in it are just perfect with the cobalt and black.  Plus, I really to add some additional color in my life. 

All three fabrics sewed up dreamily.  Is that a word? 

Even though all three were awesome, the skirt is my favorite fabric.  I've never used a fabric with mohair in it and it just sewed and pressed beautifully.  This skirt will be a frequent rotation in my closet.

Here is a link to the McCall's pattern I used: Skirt pattern.  This is a vintage reproduction and I love the shape and lines of those patterns.  Dressing decades ago required style, am I right?

Of course I lined this skirt and since this is a dark fabric, I decided to have some fun with a big pop of color!

I am not sure what I was doing there, but at least you can see the vibrant lining I used!  The lining is also from FM and it is one of my favorite ranges of color--coralish, reddish, orangish.  So pretty!

I like having the option to wear the long black cardigan with the skirt and top and also the necessity as it's been pretty darn cold.  Just so you know, being middle aged, I am rarely cold these days, so if I say it's been cold, then believe me!

I did mention to the hubby that I sort of felt like a librarian--no offence to any of you that may be a librarian, this is just very conservative.

I also wanted to be able to wear the cardi and sweater with other things, like jeans!  

This super wash wool is just light, warm, and wonderful to work with!

It drapes just beautifully!  To stabilize the hems, I used a notion that you can purchase on FM's site.  SeweyeKeys is amazing and works magic!  If you've never used it before, try it.   It is fusible stabilizer to use on knit garments.  You press it on, turn and sew.  I've tried other brands you can purchase at locations such as JoAnns.  They are nearly as good as SeweyeKeys. 

If you are wondering, here are the patterns I used for the cardi and the top.  

On to the fabric--

Here is a close up of the skirt fabric and lining.  Dark colors are really hard to photograph.  

Here is another try at the skirt fabric.  

Here is a closer look at the sweater knit.  It feels like it has some wool in it and it again sewed up beautifully.

Here is a closer look at the cardigan made from the wool knit.  I decided to use a decorative stitch on the pocket edges.  

I enjoyed making these separates that I will wear together and apart.  

Thanks for reading and I love reading your comments!  
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Another Simplicity 2054 in EOS sweater knit

Do you have a TNT pattern?  For me, one of my all time favs is Simplicity 2054.  

This dress is so simple, yet so stylish.  Am I right?  There is something about the length and overall fit that is so intriguing to me.  Plus, I feel like I've nailed the fit for both me and my daughter so it is in heavy rotation.

I made a FBA, sloping shoulder adjustment and swayback adjustment.

I always manage to move in several photos when I use the timer.

Sorry about the indoor photos but by the time I get home from work, it's dark.

This pretty fabric is from Emma One Sock.  It is from my stash and since I am working on whittling it down to a manageable level, I thought this simple dress would show off this pretty print.  Plus it is warm and comfortable to wear.  

Thanks for reading!  I hope you have some great garments in mind for your new year's sewing projects!

Friday, January 5, 2018

A new year, time for new perspectives, right?

This is the time a year when we reflect on the past year and think about what we would like to differently for next year, am I right? 

Image result for images new year

For me, my stash is seriously out of control. 

Image result for images out of control

I have a very nice sewing space that my kids helped me put together.  The carpet was replaced with a faux wood floor, there is additional lighting, double L-shaped computer desks to host my four sewing machines, a folding chamois-covered quilt planning wall, and lots of storage.  I even have very wide island in my sewing room for cutting, piecing, and ironing--should I desire to do so as I covered it with fabric and padding to make it multi-purpose.  So, what is the problem?  I have too much fabric.

Image result for images excess

Were I to measure it, this is undoubtedly what would show! 

Don't laugh--I will only showing one photo of my sewing room that will hopefully represent the problem.  My stash 'overfloweth' into the rest of the space and even other parts of my home--just ask my husband.  In fact, it is such a problem that my oldest daughter, who lives in Baton Rouge, entered and said something to the effect of, "Mom, you've got a problem and it isn't a lack of space...."  Ouch.  But deep down, I knew it.  She just put into words what was in my heart and mind and she also challenged me.  You see, she sews herself and she also knits.  She knows all about 'needing' the necessary supplies so you don't have to go somewhere and get additional materials to create a project.  She also understands creativity and how sometimes the best projects are those that you need to think about, be creative with on design or material usage as she designs her own knitting patterns and has numerous publications in a variety of formats including magazines, pdfs from her website, and such.   As I was crafting a rebuttal, I knew she was right.  At that moment we challenged each other to use only from our stash for the next month-- or the month of January and as I contemplated this challenge, I wondered if I could truly do it.  Her motives are to inspire more creativity as she feels she is lacking.   My motives are purely to find what I have in my stash (especially those treasures that are hidden) and use it to make some new additions to my wardrobe. 

So while DD1 wants me to not purchase patterns, notions, or fabrics for a month, I have decided to challenge myself for three months.  As I have tried to clean up my space in the last week, I have found at least a few duplicate purchases of patterns (I my REALLY) like those if I purchased them twice! and so many treasures of fabric that I would consider somewhat precious.  Those precious fabrics must become wardrobe items.  Right? 

If I had to stretch myself (other than getting my stash to a manageable level) my next goals for the new year would be the following:
1.  Brush up on my tailoring skills.  I've made several more tailored items this past year but it has been a l-o-n-g time since I've pad stitched a collar and lapel and I'd really like to do it so I dust off the skills I used to have long ago.
2.  I have joined the RTW fast--I've wanted to do this for years and finally took the plunge!  Yay!  Now, I just need to resist the urge to purchase RTW. 
3.  Make undergarments/lingerie.  I have so many patterns for these items and now that I have 'taken' some Craftsy classes, I feel ready.  It is time, just do it!
4.  Sew for pleasure and stress relief.  Sometimes I create just to create, but I want to spend more time enjoying the process. 

What image(s) led my daughter saw to challenge me?  While I won't show them all, I will show you one: 

While pictures can only say so much, trust me that the rest of my sewing room was just as terrifically bad.  It looks better now, just seven days after her departure.  And, I have had a great time 'shopping' my stash.  I will get my new makes posted soon!

And I must give DD2 props.  She loves to quilt and has made some incredible designs from my cast-offs.  While I am a part-time quilter, she is a full-time one and her designs are just gorgeous.  I really need to look at my scraps as treasures, worthy of a design, if I would just take the time to look more carefully--just like she does. 

Until later, Happy New Year, and Happy Sewing! 

What are your plans?  Do tell!
Sue :)   

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

McCall's 6963--a fast and fun make!

Need a fast make that isn't a plain tee?  Here is one to consider: 

Image result for images McCall's 6963

I love how all the fitting adjustments you could ever want are listed on the pattern tissue.  All you have to do is follow the instructions and you end up with something you like and that fits you well. 

Sorry about the indoor photos but it was unbelievably cold today.

The knit is from JoAnns.  I purchased it because I had a 50% off coupon.  It washed and dried really well.  We will see if it holds up to more than a few washes.  

I like everything about this top.  The fit isn't quite as tight as the models but I wanted this to have some breathing room, if you know what I mean.  

If you are needing a fast make, this is for you!  I made version D with the higher neckline.  Use a drapey fabric so the neckline hangs properly.  

Thanks for reading!

Another Vogue 9247..this time with fringe!

I love this pattern.  This is my 2nd go with it and I love it just as much as I did making the first version.  How is that for a glowing endorsement?  

Image result for images Vogue 9247

This time, I made view F, the longest view and added the self-fringe.  I honestly thought the fringe would take several hours to create, but with a rotary cutter and a see-through ruler it was short work--about 20 minutes or less, as I did take a break.

Here is just a moment for a PSA, I purchased a titanium blade for my Olfa rotary cutter, and honestly, it is the only blade I will ever purchase again.  It is that good!

Didn't the fringe turn out great?

This fabric, a faux suede from Fabric Mart, is hard to photograph.  It is more of a rich brown that olive green as it looks in the photo.  Oh, and sorry for the indoor photos but the actual temp was below zero (F).  We've been in the midst of a terrible cold spell.  I honestly don't know how Canadians do it!

This is a soft, fluid, and drapey fabric.  It also has and embossed floral and paisley pattern on it that is just barely visible in the photos. 

I was a tad worried about the length of this but not that it is finished, I am quite smitten with it.

I waited to attach the pockets until it was finished so I could get the location just at the right spot.

The brown trim that I attached just above the fringe, was from my stash.  You see, my daughter from Baton Rouge challenged me to actually use my stash and make zero purchases for fabric, pattern, and supplies for an entire month.  This just might kill me, but I am going to give it a go!

Wow, do I think this jacket is fun!

Thanks for reading!  Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 9, 2017

A Very Easy Vogue jacket 9247

I'm back with something I thought about trying for a long time--a jacket with lace!

This pattern is Vogue 9247.  I purchased this for option D but after I received my lace and noticed the flaw in it, I knew I only had enough to make view C.  I am not disappointed with the result at all but dang, it would have been nice if the company I purchased it from cut after the flaw.  
This went together really well and is a fast make.  

The black is a knit that has a feel and look of a suede. It's been in my stash for quite a while and I thought it would be perfect for this and I think it was!   

This is a generously sized pattern.  I made a medium and found I didn't need an FBA--probably due to the knit. 

I made a sloping shoulder adjustment and swayback adjustment.  That's it!

The black lace with the blue is from Zeng's.  This is my first purchase from them.

There aren't any closures on this.  

My lace didn't have a finished upper edge.  I tried to dye some ivory cotton lace jet black, but it turned out a dark gray--not appropriate at all.  I followed those directions to a T.  So disappointing!  

Isn't that lace fun?  

I found this black trim at JoAnns.  It is washable, just like the black fabric and the lace.  It sewed easily and I think it works with the overall vibe of the rest of the jacket.

Thanks for reading!