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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sewn Magazine Feature!

Hey all!
I am so excited!  Here is my news:

Yay!  Order your copy today!  Can't wait to show you what I've created!

Monday, March 12, 2018

My first Tosti!

I've had this pattern and fabric for quite some time and while I was cleaning my sewing room, I rediscovered it.  I really should clean more often!  
Here is the pattern I discovered I had stashed away...

Image result for images tosti coat

As you can see, this pattern is by a company called Waffle patterns. From what I can tell, they seem to be based out of the Netherlands.  No wonder this has incredible details.  

Here is my version.  Of course I had to slightly deviate from the pattern design.  Just slightly.

This fabric was a bear to sew.  It is somewhat heavy with a water repellent right side and a napped inside that's rather soft on the skin.  

Evidently, I knew what I wanted to do with this pattern as I had put it with this fabric.  

Isn't the color gorgeous?  I really should wear this blue more often, I really love it.  

This pattern has some incredible details.  There are pockets galore.  There are inside pockets, sleeve pockets, patch pockets, welt pockets.  Take your pick, they are there.  

For some reason, I only had this white zipper for this pocket.  I tried finding a blue one like the main zip is, but I simply couldn't.  I sort of like the white.  

I altered the sleeve pocket.  It was supposed to have another exposed zip but with this fun lining fabric, I wanted to show it off a bit so I changed the pocket to be a top opening with that little fold back.  The snap is a real snap but I didn't put the other half on.  It is merely decorative.  

Check out that inside welt pocket.  Is that a fun shaped piece of facing or what?  I really had fun creating that.  Unfortunately, I lost the lining pieces for this pattern and had to redraft them.  Getting those lining pieces to fit into that facing was a struggle.  Did I mention that this blue is also very stretchy?  Did I also mention this was a bear to sew? 

That pocket will fit my cell phone, credit cards, lip gloss, etc.  

Would you look at that lining?  It is a stretch woven manufactured by Telio.  This proved to be the perfect weight and stretch compatibility with the blue.  

I love my new coat.  I plan on making this pattern in a wool for fall.  This is a great pattern from a great company!
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sewing for Elaina

Sewing for little people is so much fun!  It takes minimal fabric when they are this little and I just get the giggles at how cute and little everything is!  

This little cutie is my granddaughter, Elaina.  She just turned one a few days ago.  That little smirk on her face tells a lot about her personality.  :)  As you can see, she lives in a MUCH warmer climate than I do.  I can't even thing about bare feet outdoors right now.  

Isn't she the cutest?  I used three different patterns to create this little ensemble.  
Let's start with the little jacket.  Yes, it is too big for now.  I am hoping by fall it will fit her well.  
Here is the pattern I used for the jacket: 

Image result for images Simplicity 1566

Based on Elaina's measurements, I made her a medium.  Look how much too large it is!  I don't mind growing room for little people and she definitely has plenty of room for this to fit for a long time.  
This is a breeze to put together.  Of course you can see I added a ruffle to the hem.  All I did for that was to measure 2.5 times the length, cut a strip the width I wanted, pleat it with the gathering/pleating foot, and done!  

Since I am very limited on local fabric shops and only have JoAnn's to shop from for zippers for a garment like this  I was unable to find an appropriate zip.  These hook and eyes were from my stash. 


That face, it just kills me!  She is giving her mommy a look of concern, isn't she?

How how quickly emotions change when you are a year old!

Next, let's talk about the onesie.  Here is the pattern I used: 

How adorable is this?  I love the way the shoulders are constructed and the optional little details to make it fun.   

And look at that fabric!  Every girl needs something leopard print, I don't care how old you are.  ;)  

This fits so true to size.  I made a 12 month size and it fits her great!  Jalie truly knows how to create patterns and directions for home sewers.  This is no exception.  I only wish it came in adult sizes! 

Plenty of diaper room!  Cute little gathers on the sleeve caps.  

Those pig tails!  My daughter, Elaina's mommy, choose these three fabrics for this outfit.  This leopard print was a little thin so to reinforce the area for the snaps, I used some interfacing.  I cut it the width of the binding and it worked perfectly.  I used my Kam snap pliers and some clear snaps for easy diapering.  Aren't little fat rolls adorable on babies?

Lastly, I'll share the legging pattern.  
Image result for images Simplicity 8304

I previously made the dress in version C.  You can see that here: Simplicity 8304

 These leggings are made from a mid-weight ponte.  They were also made in a 12 month size and they are very long!  My daughter cuffs them.  She'll have plenty of room to grow into these!  

I really love sewing for children.  It's fast and fun and they look so adorable!  All my fabrics were from Fabric Mart and are featured on my blog post at their site for this month.  Head on over and check out their selections!  

Thanks for reading!  I do so love your comments!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Sacha dress!

You all know how much I love StyleArc, right?  This is a pattern I've had for a bit and finally got around to making.  Since January 1st, I have only been sewing garments made from fabric and patterns in my stash.  I thought this would literally be torture, but I've made it and with fabrics like this in my stash, I've been surprised at how many fun things are hiding in that overflowing mess in my sewing room! 

Back to the pattern--here is the one I used:

Sacha Shirt Sewing Pattern By Style Arc - Stylish long line over shirt with ¾ length sleeves

I love the simple style of this!  But, I had almost four yards of this pretty rayon and I didn't want to have much left.  So...I decided to lengthen this to a dress by adding six inches to the sleeves and blouse.  

I know there are other patterns I could have used but I really wanted to try this one out.  This rayon is from Fabric Mart.  The colors are just so pretty!

I probably could have added eight inches to the bottom, but too late now!  

I wish I would remember to keep my chin down when we take photos.

It was windy again today too!  I am glad this isn't a full skirt or you'd see more than you wanted to!

StyleArc patterns fit me really well.  

I really love this super simple and colorful dress. 

Now the weather needs to warm up!  

Thanks for reading!

Another McCall's 7122

DD2 loves LuLaRue style.  She picked out this very fun galaxy fabric from Fabric.com and I finally broke down and made this top for her.   

She had an a LLR top with printed sleeves and a solid colored body so we decided to mix this up created the solid sleeves and neckband with the print body.  It made this a fun project.  Rosey-pink is a great color on her!  

Here is the pattern we used: 
We made this tunic length which is between the top and dress length.  She also wanted long sleeves.  

It was pretty windy when we were taking these photos.  Also, the lighting wasn't that great so she was worried the pants might clash with the top.  She had on a different top that perfectly matched the pants and I made her put this one on so I could take pictures.  What a meanie I am!

Guess where she got her curly hair?  :)  

I used SewkeysE tape for the shoulders and hems.  This stuff is worth every penny and then some!  
Thanks for reading!

McCall's 7506

Coffee date dress challenge!

How fun is this challenge?  I thoroughly enjoyed figuring out what to make using only fabrics from my stash...honestly this just about did me in but then I 'shopped' around and found these four fabrics that I thought would work and would be things I'd actually wear.

First...the coffee dress!
I really wanted to mix three lightweight denims that I've had for a while.  I have seen some amazing sewists mix fabrics and have just loved the results.  When I saw this pattern, I knew I could make a multiple-fabric garment work. 

And here are the three fabrics I choose to mix and match! 


If you frequent Marcy Tilton's site and drool over her fabrics, you'll recognize the denim-lace from her site.  I coveted that fabric for some long that I finally broke down about six months ago and bought a measly yard of it.  While that doesn't give you much to work with, it does spur your creativity and I knew that I would mix it with other fabrics.  I wish I could remember where the two other denims came from, but I just can't. 

Now what you are really waiting for is the dress!  Here it is!  This is McCall's 7506.  

I love these perfect fit patterns.  They make life so easy for fitting!  

This will be perfect for a day dress.  It's denim--hello! 

Who doesn't love a comfortable denim dress to spend the day in?

I purposely didn't make it fitted in the waist and hip area as I want to be comfortable when I wear it.  So I fitted it through the shoulders and bust and the rest is more of a relaxed fit.  

This was a lot of fun to make and it will be even more fun to wear!  Since I live in a climate where winter lasts far too long, it was fun to pull out my sandals and put them on!  

Bring on warm days and coffee dates with friends!  

Thanks for reading! 
A special thanks to Elizabeth for setting up this challenge and getting so many sponsors.  I feel honored to be a part of it.
Happy sewing everyone!
Sue from Ilove2sew!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Butterick 6410 a cocktail dress!

Hello all!  I so enjoyed creating 2 dresses for Elizabeth's day and night challenge seen here: day-night dress challenge 

I choose this pattern, Butterick 6410, for my night dress.  I love super simple styles like this one that you can embellish to your heart's desire!  I had fun creating this dress.

Of course, I couldn't make it as designed without some tweaks, right?

As you can see above, I installed/adhered some swarovski crystals along the upper bodice front.  They were so very hard to photograph!  This was mid-way through the final placement. I so enjoy adding this embellishment--in moderation.  I always feel like when you are embellishing a garment, moderation is key.

Here you can also see that I added a faux leather collar, cuffs, and piping along the yoke edges, both front and back.  I am so pleased with how this turned out!

I really wish it would have been warm enough outdoors to take photos, but it was so cold I just couldn't do it. 

My fabric is one of the #precious fabrics from my stash.  Both the brocade and the faux leather were from Fabric Mart.  I have been waiting a long time to use these and this was the perfect opportunity. 

I really love how this fits me.  I made my usual swayback adjustment, which by the way, is very difficult in such a hefty fabric.

I also made a FBA, and swayback adjustment.  I just love this dress.  I am going to make this pattern multiple times.  Can't you see it so many ways with so many fabrics?

Thank you to Elizabeth for hosting this challenge.  I can't wait to show you my Coffee dress!  

If you haven't seen this challenge, check out the link above!